Friday, October 17, 2014

Fall changes

I want to start this post off by saying every perfectionist everywhere will understand redoing or decorating is a wonderful and fun yet very, very, VERY long process. Also on a side note if you are a college aged kid like me you will understand budgeting is an action and word you do and say on a daily basis. I have been slowly redoing my room since April and I wanted to share with all of you guys how I decorate on a budget. This post won’t be to lengthy today but I just wanted to share with you guys the progress of redoing my room. 

All of my furniture I purchased at a local antique store. You can find really great deals at thrift shops or antique stores especially if you like re-doing your own furniture. A lot of the furniture you will find is very inexpensive but sometimes you do have to really look through everything. Like they say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Luckily enough all of my pieces of furniture were already refurnished. Just remember when buying large pieces like furniture know what you want and need, stick with in your price range. My bedding I bought at the same antique store including the flower pillows, the bird pillow I bought at T.J Maxx for under $8! Almost all of my little decoration pieces on my dresser and vanity are from local antique stores or bits and pieces I brought home from Ireland like my bird cage candle holder. For storage I like to go to places like T.J Maxx or Targets because they have a great selection for an even better price! I still have some more work to finish in my room like hanging up pictures and making some personal touches so be looking out for more updates coming soon! I hope all of will have a beautiful weekend that will inspire you to do beautiful things!