Friday, October 17, 2014

Fall changes

I want to start this post off by saying every perfectionist everywhere will understand redoing or decorating is a wonderful and fun yet very, very, VERY long process. Also on a side note if you are a college aged kid like me you will understand budgeting is an action and word you do and say on a daily basis. I have been slowly redoing my room since April and I wanted to share with all of you guys how I decorate on a budget. This post won’t be to lengthy today but I just wanted to share with you guys the progress of redoing my room. 

All of my furniture I purchased at a local antique store. You can find really great deals at thrift shops or antique stores especially if you like re-doing your own furniture. A lot of the furniture you will find is very inexpensive but sometimes you do have to really look through everything. Like they say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Luckily enough all of my pieces of furniture were already refurnished. Just remember when buying large pieces like furniture know what you want and need, stick with in your price range. My bedding I bought at the same antique store including the flower pillows, the bird pillow I bought at T.J Maxx for under $8! Almost all of my little decoration pieces on my dresser and vanity are from local antique stores or bits and pieces I brought home from Ireland like my bird cage candle holder. For storage I like to go to places like T.J Maxx or Targets because they have a great selection for an even better price! I still have some more work to finish in my room like hanging up pictures and making some personal touches so be looking out for more updates coming soon! I hope all of will have a beautiful weekend that will inspire you to do beautiful things! 

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Every day look

 Lately I have been so busy between working and school with a little bit of everything thrown in between. Who knew that would be my inspiration? I told myself that when I started this blog I would be committed to it, and stay passionate about it. But Like any person you have your busy days, bad days and good days. Which is what is what inspired my writers block to do an everyday routine/makeup look. It’s just something simple that I know works with my daily schedule. Some days I might do a little bit more or a little less depending on how busy my day is. I personally like the natural and nude colors for my everyday look but by no means do you have to. Do your thing girl! Well that’s enough of my busy life intro/rant let’s get to the make up! 

 Skin care: My morning skin care routine is a super simple because honestly I am not a morning person and I need a quick and easy. When I lived in Ireland I loved the “Simple” skin care line and when I came home I stopped using it for a while switched back to it because I just loved their products so much. I use the “Smoothing facial scrub” and you can find the “Simple” products at most drug stores like CVS, Walgreens etc. Or even Wal-Mart. For moisturizer I am using the “Merle Norman Brilliant –C moisturizer”. If you are looking for a different option I recommend the “Simple” moisturizers.

Primer: You can see in my previous post I am still using the “Smashbox photo finish primer” in “Light” because it’s oil-free. All I use is a pea sized drop and blend it all over with my ring fingers, a little goes a long with this primer so remember you don’t need much and this will last a long time. 

Concealer: For concealer I am using the “NYX HD Concealer” in the shade “CW 02 Fair” for my under eyes. This shade is lighter than my natural skin tone but I like to go a bit lighter for my under eyes because a lighter shade high lights. When I apply the concealer I put the concealer under my eyes in an upside down triangle shape, you want to highlight the points where light is naturally drawn to your face. Like the middle area of your fore head and cupids bow of your upper lip, I also apply this to those areas. I actually haven’t used this concealer that long but I love it! Doesn’t crease and gives great coverage. For my problem areas I am using the “Urban Decay 24/7 concealer pencil” in the shade “NSA” as you can see in the picture it’s definitely has been well loved. I just apply this on any problem spots and on my acne scars.


Foundation: For foundation I am still using the “Tarte Amazonian clay full coverage foundation” in the shade “Medium Sand”. Depending on the day I either use my brushes for concealer and foundation. If I am in a barely any makeup on rush I’ll just blend everything in with my fingers. You can use whatever you love and works best for you, when blending in my under eye concealer I personally just like using my ring fingers and bending it in. for my problem spots I will either grab my “Eco tools pointed concealer brush” or sometimes my “Bare minerals concealer brush” if you don’t have any kind of concealer brush the “Eco tools “are really nice brushes you can find at any drug store or Wal-Mart. Once you are all concealed move onto your favorite foundation. Take your favorite brush and blend it evenly including your neck! I have been using my “Lancôme foundation brush 2” Some people don’t like flat foundation brushes because if you don’t blend well it can leave streaking. So if you prefer blending sponge I love the “Ulta” brand blending sponge because it works so well and it’s cheap! 

Setting powder: After your foundation is dry you want to set it with powder. I am almost out of my “Lancôme Dual finish” shade “matte wheat II” seating powder so I just purchased the “L’Oreal Paris true match super-blendable powder” shade “W5 Sand beige” I just blend this all over with the large “Bare Minerals flawless face brush”

Blush/Bronzer: As you can see in the picture my bronzer is well loved! It is the “Revlon” shade “012 Bronzilla/Bronzette bronzer". This is a matte bronzer; I use it to contour the hollows of my cheeks with the “Eco tools angled brush”. On my cheeks I am wearing “Physicians formula sexy booster sexy glow blush” in the shade “Natural” this blush has some shimmer in it so it is a nice pop of color without over doing it. I just blend it in on the apples of my cheeks with the smaller “Bare Minerals flawless face brush” and just a side note if you are wondering why there are tiny holes on the brush handle my little pup Gracie though it would make a fun toy.

Eye brows: for eye brows I will be using the “Too Faced brow envy brow shaping and defining kit” this is a great kit for beginners or for people who have been doing their eye brows for years. This little kit includes so much, your eye brow colors, blonde or brunette, setting wax, highlighter, your tools brow pencil and eye brow stencils for shaping. I just fill in the natural shape of my eye brows and set them. I am planning on doing an eye brow focused post in the near future!   

Eye Shadow:  Eye shadows could easily be an addiction, I love color! Every single color gives you countless opportunities for every kind of look. But for every day I love your basic nudes. I have been using “The Nudes” eye shadow palette by “Maybelline” the palette has half shimmer and half mattes so you can play around with a lot of looks. After I have primed my eyes with the “E.L.F eye primer” I use the “Eco Tools eye shadow brush” and apply all over my eyes with the light nude color. After I use the shimmer gold shadow and blend that out with the “Eco Tools smudge brush” I am also using this brush for my creases. The color I use for my creases is the chocolate matte brown; you just blend this all out for a nice even look. For highlighting my inner tear ducks and brow bone I used the white shimmer with the “Eco Tools detailed liner brush”.

Mascara: After your eye shadow is applied curl your eye lashes, I am using the “Revlon eye lash curler” and using a combination of “Voluminous Miss Manga” mascara by “L’Oreal Paris” in the color “Blackest black” and the “Telescopic Carbon black” by “L’Oreal Paris” as well and the color is “Carbon black” these two mascaras make an incredible pair for thick and long lashes! 

Lips: For lips I have been obsessing over “eos lip balm” in the flavor “Mint” it is so refreshing and smells so yummy! And for a little pop of color I have been wearing “Kate” by “Rimmel London” in the shade “103” it’s a gorgeous color and great for a everyday look or even a night out.

Setting spray: To top it all off I set my make with “Urban Decays all nighter makeup setting spray” a few pumps of this spray is enough, let it dry and you are ready for your day! 

Nails: If you are wondering what nail polish I am wearing in these pictures “Plastic Flamingo” is on every nail by “Spoiled” and “Sparked by “Wet N Wild, Wild shine” on my ring fingers.


Hope you enjoy this easy every day look!